Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benefits of Mystress World


Why would a dominant woman or a submissive boy want to enter into the Universe of Mystress World training? Let's face it, there are lots of other resources and avenues available out there for one to utilize to learn and meet people, so what makes the Universe of Mystress World unique?

I cannot speak for the dominant woman too much because the reality is that i do not really know so this part is based upon some assumptions. To me though it has to be attractive to have access to pre-qualified and screened submissive boys who ultimate goal is I.P. meaning In Person training. Should probably be mentioned that the dominants are pre-screened as well. The second important factor that i believe to be attractive to the dominant woman is that she becomes a member of the Domme Corps meaning that she becomes part of a support network that she is able to access when needed or is able to help mentor other dominant women.

Let's tackle the first reason of pre-qualified submissive boys and at least how i think it relates to both the dominant and the submissive. For myself, it was truly an honor and a privelege to be pre-screened and have to qualify to become a boy in Mystress World. When i think of all the places that i have been on the net and the number of ways that i could come into contact with dominant women, this was the first time that i actually had to put forward a resume of types in my initial training before i was allowed access to the Universe of Mystress World. And to be totally honest with you, had i been doing this a few years previously, most likely i would not have moved forward and would have fallen by the wayside. It is a total guess on my part, but i would imagine the fallout rate for submissive boys to be around 80% or higher in this initial phase of training. That would mean out of 10 boys starting out, only 2 are going to make it through and to me that has to be attractive because it means that 80% of all the crap and distractions and waste of time is removed before it even starts.

The next part of the screening goes towards tutition and enrollment fees. The goal of every dominant and every submissive in the Universe of Mystress World is I.P. (In Person) training. There is going to be big investment of time from each dominant and each submissive and it is important prior to that investment being made, especially by the dominant, that she is not investing in a dead horse. Every Domme Corp memeber (dominant woman) knows that the boy she is training in her stable is committed because they have a financial obligation as well as the time and effort commitment invested in being trained. And every Domme Corp member is in control of the time and effort commitment made by the boy and for grading the boys effort. There is a very simple rule in the Universe of Mystress World for the boys, you either keep up you membership and move up in the Domme Corps members grading or you move out. There is no room for tardiness in the Universe of Mystrss World.

When one considers that the bar is continually being pushed higher and the level of effort required is always being increased, it becomes a very good situation for all involved. Remember that 80% of the boys have already fallen by the wayside just to get in! Now consider that out of the remaining 20%, 80% of them are probably going to fail in their training as well. To put it inot real numbers, out of 100 applicants, 20 will make it into boot camp. Out of those 20, only 4 are really going to be moving forward from there. In real terms that means that there is at best a 4% success rate! I think that is exciting because now you really are working with the cream of the crop!

The second factor is the Domme Corps! It is probably one of the most exciting and powerful concepts today in the world of D&s. A group of Dominant women who are committed to helping and communicating with each other. A group of Dominant women who are committed to training boys to live in a female supremacy society and who are committed to training their boys to serve all women regardless of age, race, size, or any other factors. It is simply the only purpose of the male is to serve the female.

This is a monumental shift in thinking because the Domme Corps do not present a male verision of what constitutes a beautiful woman. To the Domme Corps, every women is beautiful and is entitled to have her choice of males serve her and the male will be grateful for the honor and privlige of being allowed to serve her and in the manner and ways she desires. And the boys in the Universe of Mystress World are trained in the manner of accepting all women as being beautiful and that it is truly an honor and privilege to be able to serve her. To be able to serve any female is a wonderful opportunity not to be wasted away!

When the image and phiolosphy of a dominant female and female supremacy is created by women and the boys are conditioned/trained to not only accept it, but to desire it, then the longevity of female supremacy and the beauty of any dominant woman become eternal! It becomes more than the leather/latex clad 18-24 year old dominatrix image that man has created. The man's image is built on sexual lust, while the woman's is built on sexuality, love and emotion. The man's verision lasts an hour, the womans verison lasts a lifetime! Which would you truly prefer?

Without a doubt, I believe that there are some Dominant women out there who are living the lifestyle in the manner many desire and want. Like professional sports, i also believe that number to be small. I do witness and sense a lot of frustration, games being played and in the end, a lot of times, just giving up on the whole idea. That is where i feel i was, when Mystress threw my the lifesaver and the opportunity to have a look and consider the Universe of Mystress World. I admit, i was totally skeptical going in, but also totally desperate. My thoughts were, well at least look before giving up all hope and just being satisfied with what is as reality. Now, i am totally grateful that i did! Is the Universe of Mystress World for everyone? Of course not, at present, it is only for about 4%! Now you just have to decide, are you part of that 4%?


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