Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Male Sub/Slaves Wanted!

Mystress World is in need of male subs and slaves! Mystress put out the call yesterday to say that there was a real need in order to fill the stables of the influx of new Dominant Women who are joining the Universe of Mystress World. I found this to be very interesting and did some thinking about it.

Everyone knows that is about a 1,000 submissive men for every dominant woman....or is there? Personally i think that the 1,000 to 1 is a total myth! It is probably closer to 990 game players or wannabe sub/slaves to every dominant woman. The truth of the matter is that the Dominant Woman is honest in her hunt and while many men find her attractive and desirable, the truth is that the vast majority are too afraid or not truly ready to commit to serving her. There is no sin in not being ready to truly dedicate and commit oneself to servitude, with the exception that many who are prepared and committed get lost in the crowd. The true submissive does not wish to inconvenience the Domme, especially when it comes to his own desires because he is there to serve her.

So why are Dominant Women finding the Universe of Mystress World attractive and joining the ranks of the Domme Corps? First, it is a chance for them to have a support network in place and to learn new skills. But probably the single biggest reason, is that the male subs/slaves are pre-qualified before being considered! Dominant Women like the idea that 80% of the males who play games are not ready are already removed right from the get go. Dominant Women also love the concept that they will decide which boys will fall into their stable for training. Of course the drop out rate is high for boys, because the standards are high! It is an opportunity and a privilege to serve a Dominant Woman In Person (IP) and it must be earned by the boy and he must prove he is truly ready.

So the Universe of Mystress World needs male subs and slaves! Of course, any Dominant Women who desire the female supremacy lifestyle will tell you that finding true subs and slaves is difficult all the time. If there is one thing that Mystress World does very efficienctly, it is training males to serve the female supremacy lifestyle! The submale who enters and puts the time and effort towards his training will be rewarded with the opportunity to truly serve, most will drop out. There will always be those males, referred to as pigmales in Mystress World, who try to beat the system. And perhaps for a little while, they may be able to exist in Mystress World, but they will drop out with the constant time and effort truly required to advance.

I do not believe that Universe of Mystress World is for eveyone, even every real Dominant Woman and submale. I do however truly believe that the Universe of Mystress World should be checked out by all real Dominant Women and submales so that they may make their own decision for themselves. I am merely a boy in Mystress World, a submale in training who believes and serves the cause of female supremacy. Individuals considering Mystress World should speak with Mystress herself for information.

As a side not, Mystress was in Hurricane Ike. So this truly does go beyond just fantasy.


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Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

Let's talk about sex! When i orginally thought of this blog, it was supposed to deal with chastity and the motivation and desire behind it. What could possible be a more beautiful thought in a female supremacy society than the thought of women controlling and directing the submales sexually energy? Chastity is growing in popularity, though the reasons that i read about usually relate cheating, uncontrolled masturbation and of course, denial. For myself, i have always felt that these were more cause and effect rather than the underlying principles and understanding of control that should be associatied with the use for chasity.

In my lesson from the Universe of Mystress World yesterday, this quote struck a cord in me. " You will NEVER be allowed intercourse with a Dominant Woman." (Paraphrasing Mystress, Universe of Mystress World). In the Universe of Mystress World i am learning about female supremacy so the leap of believing that all woman are Domiant to me than this simple statement would mean that it is quite possible that i will never have intercourse with a woman again.

To help qualify and understand this you should understand that this is not a denial of sexual pleasure or desire, but rather a channeling and modification of this desire and finding pleasure in a different form, albeit the form and manner in that the woman dictates, which may be quite diverse. The important point that i am attempting to make here though, is that if i no longer desire to have intercourse with a woman or using that thing between my legs in an unacceptable and unauthorized manner, than what is the point of chastity? A lock will only keep an honest person honest for if the dishonest person desires to get past the look, they will find a way.

Though there was no mention made of it in this lesson, my thoughts from this lesson were that i could easily accept chastity for i am already there. My behaviour is already being modified and i would like to add it is not being forced upon me, but rather accepted, embraced and desired by myself. I am truly grateful and appreciative for all the training that my assigned Domme Corp member, Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, is doing with me.

As i was reflecting on the days lessons and on, i came accross this quote on Goddess4TPE's profile. "I do not understand the thought process behind those ‘Dommes’, and why they don’t desire to own and devour a soul completely. Don’t they realize that taking a bit of money and running is not only useless, but they are missing out on the rest of the slave’s devotion and a secure future of use. Not only that, but it screws up the REAL slaves ability to recognize a REAL Goddess when they meet them."

Truly powerful words and truly beautiful! These are not the words of someone uninfomed but rather they words from a Goddess who has a deeper understanding than most. Please do not mistake this as a judgement by me, for though Goddess4TPE is much younger than i, i as many others could surely learn much from her.

After reading Goddess4TPE's profile and reflecting on my lesson from Mystress from the Universe of Mystress World and of course my training with Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, my thoughts from chastity changed to control and real behaviour modification.

Upon making the connection, i was inspired to go back to the book "Think and Grow Rich" written by Napoleon Hill and first published in 1937. "A river may be dammed and its water controlled for a time, but eventually it will force an outlet. The same is true of the emotion of sex. It may be submerged and controlled for a time, but its very nature causes it to be ever seeking means of expression. If it in not transmuted into some creative effort it will find a less worthy outlet."

These three amazing women and members of the Domme Corps understand this principle. They do not deny that sexual emotions do not exist, rather they take them and transmute them to a more worthy outlet for their slaves. They empower their slaves to do more and be more! While it may be true, that they all have female domination in common and all probably have a bit of a sadistic flare in them, they do NOT force slaves to serve them, rather they look for slaves who recognize their leadership and willingly submit to serve them and appreciate their leadership.

And lucky is the boy that is ready to accept their leadership and training. And it is important to note that the slave that is truly prepared to accept their leadership will also understand the importance to be trained by them. And you worship them because they truly are goddesses and it is a privilege and honour to serve them!

And to me, this post is a good start to the talk about chastity.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training: Real or Cyber? Does It Work?

Hi All! :-)

I think i ran accross this saying somewhere, "ask not what a Mistress may do for me, but ask what may i do for a Mistress." I know that it is a takeoff from a famous saying, but really it is also quite powerful in terms of female supremacy and domination and i really love it because i believe it encapsulates the true essence of my training.

It is not uncommon to read on a Dominant woman's profile, "No Online Training." I often wonder if that is a result of frustration from so many senseless emails and messages that one assumes that Dominant women must always recieve. A pretty safe assumption considering i even get them! "I am a submissive male from Eypt looking for a Mistress to serve, can I serve you?" is a common message that i get! Okay, i am a submissive male who believes in female supremacy, did you not read? :-) I actually find it cute, but can definitely see why it would get annoying.

My thoughts and experience in cyber training, at least based upon my experience in the Universe of Mystress World is that it is a wonderful tool to utilize and stay connected. It also allows for training to happen world wide, which is really incredible when you think about it. Sometimes we take too many things for granted, for example, Dominant Women, when we allow tools to become replacements for I.P. (In Person) interactions. And i think that this is a distinction that is important to make.

The goal of every Dominant Woman and every submissive boy in the Universe of Mystress World is I.P. (In Person, okay i will quit mentioning it). If the potential for I.P. does not exist, then all is just a fantasy and there is really no point except for some mindless amusement. Once a boy enters the Universe of Mystress World he begins training and working towards I.P. service. One of the unique things is that the boy does not necessarily know when or where it will happen and maybe not even know with whom. The boy accepts and is trained to serve all females without judgement.

Does it work? Well, if nothing else, from my own personal experience i know that there is at least one male out there who is always polite, respectful and well mannered to all women and who truly believes that he is a better person for it. And i am truly grateful and appreciative of this no matter what happens in the future. I am also prepared that at any given moment that my services may be required by Mystress, a Domme Corp member, or Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve. And that service will be real and I.P.

How will that service be? That i cannot answer because from day one of training a boy such as myself is taught that he will serve as he is told and be grateful and honored that he is privileged to be able to serve and do so with total love and respect for the opportunity. I am a slave and must only expect to be treated as such and be grateful that there are women who are willing to use a boy like me.

As the Universe of Mystress World grows, so does the opportunity and accessibility for the Dominant Women of the Domme Corps and the boys in their service. The Domme Corp members have thier choice, at least as far as i know as i am not privy to that side, of boys and the boys only choice is are they truly committed to serving or not. And if they are, they will truly dedicate themselves to their training and lessons. The Domme Corps will decide how they are to serve based upon their training.

This is symbolized in the early goings. My name is pamela16871, it is a name and number assigned to me from the very beginning. Once asssigned, it is who i am and who i will always be. All boys recieve a feminine name regardless of their masculinity or classification of service. And to be totally honest with you, it is an honor to recieve!

In answer to my orginal question, though the training may be cyber, it is very real! The training has affected me in a very positive way and is something i always carry with me and am mindful of. So to some degree it definitely works. The true test will come I.P. when it is time for me to serve with my only goal to make the Dominant Woman happy regardless of what she desires. It truly unique and a thing of beauty!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benefits of Mystress World


Why would a dominant woman or a submissive boy want to enter into the Universe of Mystress World training? Let's face it, there are lots of other resources and avenues available out there for one to utilize to learn and meet people, so what makes the Universe of Mystress World unique?

I cannot speak for the dominant woman too much because the reality is that i do not really know so this part is based upon some assumptions. To me though it has to be attractive to have access to pre-qualified and screened submissive boys who ultimate goal is I.P. meaning In Person training. Should probably be mentioned that the dominants are pre-screened as well. The second important factor that i believe to be attractive to the dominant woman is that she becomes a member of the Domme Corps meaning that she becomes part of a support network that she is able to access when needed or is able to help mentor other dominant women.

Let's tackle the first reason of pre-qualified submissive boys and at least how i think it relates to both the dominant and the submissive. For myself, it was truly an honor and a privelege to be pre-screened and have to qualify to become a boy in Mystress World. When i think of all the places that i have been on the net and the number of ways that i could come into contact with dominant women, this was the first time that i actually had to put forward a resume of types in my initial training before i was allowed access to the Universe of Mystress World. And to be totally honest with you, had i been doing this a few years previously, most likely i would not have moved forward and would have fallen by the wayside. It is a total guess on my part, but i would imagine the fallout rate for submissive boys to be around 80% or higher in this initial phase of training. That would mean out of 10 boys starting out, only 2 are going to make it through and to me that has to be attractive because it means that 80% of all the crap and distractions and waste of time is removed before it even starts.

The next part of the screening goes towards tutition and enrollment fees. The goal of every dominant and every submissive in the Universe of Mystress World is I.P. (In Person) training. There is going to be big investment of time from each dominant and each submissive and it is important prior to that investment being made, especially by the dominant, that she is not investing in a dead horse. Every Domme Corp memeber (dominant woman) knows that the boy she is training in her stable is committed because they have a financial obligation as well as the time and effort commitment invested in being trained. And every Domme Corp member is in control of the time and effort commitment made by the boy and for grading the boys effort. There is a very simple rule in the Universe of Mystress World for the boys, you either keep up you membership and move up in the Domme Corps members grading or you move out. There is no room for tardiness in the Universe of Mystrss World.

When one considers that the bar is continually being pushed higher and the level of effort required is always being increased, it becomes a very good situation for all involved. Remember that 80% of the boys have already fallen by the wayside just to get in! Now consider that out of the remaining 20%, 80% of them are probably going to fail in their training as well. To put it inot real numbers, out of 100 applicants, 20 will make it into boot camp. Out of those 20, only 4 are really going to be moving forward from there. In real terms that means that there is at best a 4% success rate! I think that is exciting because now you really are working with the cream of the crop!

The second factor is the Domme Corps! It is probably one of the most exciting and powerful concepts today in the world of D&s. A group of Dominant women who are committed to helping and communicating with each other. A group of Dominant women who are committed to training boys to live in a female supremacy society and who are committed to training their boys to serve all women regardless of age, race, size, or any other factors. It is simply the only purpose of the male is to serve the female.

This is a monumental shift in thinking because the Domme Corps do not present a male verision of what constitutes a beautiful woman. To the Domme Corps, every women is beautiful and is entitled to have her choice of males serve her and the male will be grateful for the honor and privlige of being allowed to serve her and in the manner and ways she desires. And the boys in the Universe of Mystress World are trained in the manner of accepting all women as being beautiful and that it is truly an honor and privilege to be able to serve her. To be able to serve any female is a wonderful opportunity not to be wasted away!

When the image and phiolosphy of a dominant female and female supremacy is created by women and the boys are conditioned/trained to not only accept it, but to desire it, then the longevity of female supremacy and the beauty of any dominant woman become eternal! It becomes more than the leather/latex clad 18-24 year old dominatrix image that man has created. The man's image is built on sexual lust, while the woman's is built on sexuality, love and emotion. The man's verision lasts an hour, the womans verison lasts a lifetime! Which would you truly prefer?

Without a doubt, I believe that there are some Dominant women out there who are living the lifestyle in the manner many desire and want. Like professional sports, i also believe that number to be small. I do witness and sense a lot of frustration, games being played and in the end, a lot of times, just giving up on the whole idea. That is where i feel i was, when Mystress threw my the lifesaver and the opportunity to have a look and consider the Universe of Mystress World. I admit, i was totally skeptical going in, but also totally desperate. My thoughts were, well at least look before giving up all hope and just being satisfied with what is as reality. Now, i am totally grateful that i did! Is the Universe of Mystress World for everyone? Of course not, at present, it is only for about 4%! Now you just have to decide, are you part of that 4%?


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assignment to Ms. Artimis Extended!

Today is a good day, a great day, a freakin fantastic day!!!

My assignment to Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, was extended!!! What this means is that i am going to be trained by her and be in her stable indefinitely, until she decides otherwise. It really is a fantastic feeling! It is kind of funny, because i am totally happy and elated with this, and yet i know that my training is going to be extremely difficult, challenging and involve hard work and lots of effort and yet, here i am, totally looking forward to it!

Perhaps i should take a moment and bring everyone up to speed on how this works and how i have come to be assigned to Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve. I cannot say how it works for dominant women, but can give some insight towards the submales who enter. When you enter the Universe of Mystress World, you training starts immediately under the guidance of Mystress. Depending on where you are in your own exploration, you may find some things in the early going quite easy to complete, but if you are truly emersing yourself in the training, there will come a point where you truly have to bare your soul and open yourself up emotional to Mystress. If like me, this will come as quite a surprise and shock, but also it is a wonderful feeling as well as you finally get to be accepted for who you truly are. Well, true if you are a true submale who is ready to submit and learn the ways of female supremacy.

This emotional stripping is an important step and when get to the point where you are able to truly bare your soul, then you are ready to be trained under the guidance of a Domme Corps member. For myself, this was a huge accomplishment and achievment and truly invoked feelings that i have never felt previously! To finally become a part of a Mistress's stable! I know that some will have some questions about things, so please, feel free to ask as this is meant as a learning process.

My assignment was to Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve! The assignments are one of the most interesting and beneficial aspects of the Universe of Mystress World. All of the dominant women that one may be assigned to are members of the Domme Corps who have went through a process themselves to get their. The Domme Corps members training may still be in progress as well, but these women who recieve assignments are qualified and have a support network in place to help them should they need. Remember, i am not privileged to know the process of the Domme Corps, but it is a nice feeling for a submale to know that the Domme Corps member is qualified to handle their assignments. This might sound strange coming from a submale, but in reality it is an exceptional benefit of serving in the Universe of Mystress World. The reverse is also true, the Domme Corp members recieve pre-qualified boys/slaves. In order to qualify for an assignment boys, like me, have to complete a series of lessons and quite honestly, tests to prove they are serious and committed towards learning about female supremacy and their desire to truly serve all of the female gender. I would imagine the initial dropout rate is high and i would imagine it continues to stay high as boys are continual pushed higher with their training and their commitment to serve. Either perform well, or move out! Only the best and most committed will move forward.

A boy's first assignment is difficult! With the way the training process works, a boy becomes attached to Mystress early and truly desires to stay with her, holding onto her the same way that a child wants to stay with thier mother and be protected. So when you are assigned to continue training with a Domme Corp member is a scary experience. The boy does not get any say in who he is assigned to, he is just notified that he is assigned and then there is a process to follow and you become part of the Domme Corps member stable. Mercifully, the assignment is temporary for the first 30 days and then a boy or a Domme Corp member may petition to either extend the assignment or request a new assignment. In either case, it is not a done deal and has to be approved by Mystress.

Luckily, the Domme Corp members understand the process, far better than i, and when they intitial contact a boy, they take control quickly and get the boy situated and moving efficiently. It is like the first day of school almost. So for myself, Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, came in, laid out the rules to follow and what i was suppose to begin working on immediately. And literally, before you know what is happening, you are training under a Domme Corp member, sorting out your feelings and being truly thankful for her guidance! It is with this first assignment, that you begin to truly understand the process of the Universe of Mystress World and your place, your role and your responsibilities. And as a boy, you truly start to appreciate the efforts of the Domme Corps because they truly do take boys who are totally overwhelmed and get them settled down and heading in the right direction.

As for Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve. I have totaly respect, love and admiration for every Domme Corps member and gratefully serve all of them and by no means intend this to disrespect towards any of them, this is only my experience. But i know, with Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, that i have bared my emotional soul to her and have no secrets from her! She knows more about me than any other person on earth, maybe even myself and i not only trust her, but feel i would do anything for her! Okay, i am sure she could get me to do anything, but in reality there would be no need to because my desire to please her is paramount! My desire to work hard and endlessly to stay a part of her stable is undeniable! I am truly the property of Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, and to me, there is no greater recognition than that.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enrollment Fees

How much does it cost? I know for me, it is one of the first road blocks i usually encounter that usually stops me from moving forward. And one always knows that there is usually a cost associatied with anything, especially anything that is even remotely connected to a a fetish. Of course we are lucky that we live in a time when access to a lot of fetish material via the web is free. For myself, i have never paid for access to to any fetish or kink material on the web, at least previously to entering the Universe of Mystress World! So what was the difference for me this time? Obviously the time and place that i was in at the time played a part in it, but so did a lot of things.

One of the things that i still mis-read is the "Universe of Mystress World". It really is a Universe, but for me especially in the early goings i read it more as the "University of Mystress World" and upon entering and in the early goings (where i am now) it is more like a University than a Universe. I relate it towards one must go to university in order to learn how to function and serve in the universe. And as everyone knows, there is are enrollement, tutution and course materials that have to be paid for in order to go to school and learn for your own benefit.
Mystress World is no different than an education institution, with the exception that it has more flare and pizazz! As i believe i have alluded to earlier, if you are entering into Mystress World looking for porn, you are sadly mistaken and wasting your time! If you are entering Mystress World to quickly find a dominant woman, you are going to be disappointted. You enter Mystress World to learn how to live in a female supremacy universe and to prepare and dedicate yourself to life of being submissive and serving females. And it takes very little time before you realize and understand that just stepping in the doorway and paying your enrollment and tutition will do little to advance you, you have to constantly and consistently work towards improvment! If you do not keep up, you are kicked it, there are high standards set from the onset of your education!

That may be the most important consideration you will want to think about before enrolling in the Universe of Mystress World. Before entering, Mystress will discuss what the enrollment fees are for you and they vary depending in what you are enrolling for. I will disclose this much, the fees are nominal, it is more you work ethic and your dedication that are important to cosider before entering. Are you truly serious about wanting to learn and dedicate yourself towards serving females with total love and respect? If you are not, than you stay will be short lived because you cannot exist in this Universe without applying yourself to your teachings.
The second consideration that played a big part in my decision towards enrolling in the Universe of Mystress World was the consideration to truly serve a true dominant female and in taking part in the lessons at Mystress World, a true dominant female that lives and believes in female supremacy. One of the most unique characteristics of the Universe of Mystress World is that everyone there is pre-qualified! The women who form the Domme Corps are all true dominants who work together in expanding a world of female supremacy and the boys who enroll are owned by the Domme Corps and are committed and dedicated to serve them and the female supremacy cause in perfect harmony.

From my perspective, the attraction for the woman looking to become a member of the Domme Corps, is that she will enter a world where the boys are pre-qualified to not be dead-beats who are continually learning and working towards being more dedicated and how to better serve. For the dominant woman who is ready to start putting together a stable, it has to be a real attraction to be able to review qualified candidates and to be able to recieve references in regards to the boys training. As a sub-note, there is a process in the Universe of Mystress World for women to become a member of the Domme Corps as there is a lot of investment in the boys of Mystress World's education and training. I cannot say for sure, but i doubt there is an erollment fee for women, but you would have to communicate with Mystress in order to find out, as i am just a boy there and am not privileged to that information.

For the males who become boys though, it is huge to know that becoming part of a Domme Corps stable means that you are part of a dominant womans stable who believes and practices the lessons that you have been learning and training for. This truly makes your enrollent, tutition and training fees an investment in your future and a step towards living your dreams!
Over the past few decades i have invested literally thousands of dollars towards exploring my fascination, fantasy and fetish towards female domination. And there have been many times when i have become scared and purged everything, a lot of times from fear of being discovered. In the moment, when i purged it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders and that i was free to be "normal" once again. Of course, it did not take too long before the feelings that i had hidden deep inside to re-emerge and once againg start building things back up to explore my submissiveness. And for decades, i always thought, if only i could find a dominant woman who understood me as a submissive, than i could do so much for her that she would realize how wonderful i was and what a diamond in the rough i was, just waiting to be polished by her dominance. And in all honesty, if i had not entered the Universe of Mystress World, i would still be thinking the same and still waiting!

Instead, i finally decided to take a small/giant leap of faith and entered the Universe of Mystress World. Invested a little bit of money on that leap of faith and now i have started my lessons and training and for the first time in my life, truly feel that i am part of a universe of domiant women who care enough about me to start the process of polishing that diamond in the rough and preparing me for service. It is truly a beautiful and wonderful feeling!
By no means is it easy! It is work and a lot of it! And for the first time, i truly feel that i am working for my future, for my dreams and am able to do it in an eviornment where everyone shares the same ideals! I am able to do it in a universe where i am accepted for who i am, a submissive, a slave. I truly look at my enrollment, tutition and course fees as an investment, i truly feel that it is an investment in my future, and the best part of it, my investement towards reality is only a fraction of what it was for fantasy!

The Universe of Mystress World is not for everyone! It is only for those, both female and male who have come to a time and place in their lives, where they are tired of all the games and fantasy and want to take that first step towards reality! If you are there, than there is no other place better than Universe of Mystress World to be! And i would truly encourage everyone who feels that they are truly ready to take that first step, or who want more information to contact Mystress. It could be the message that changes your life in the ways that you have always dreamed!

First Step Into Mystress World

On August 15, 2008 i enrolled in the training program in the Universe of Mystress World with nervous anticipation and hope. My enrollment was not based on attempting to find new kinky things towards female domination, but was rather an almost a last ditch desperate attempt to enter into a world that was truly based on female supremacy. In the moment i even questioned myself if female supremacy even truly existed? I know there are a lot of dominant women who will take some offense to this comment, even if it is just my opinion, but in my research, i have found very little evidence to suggest that it was real. True enough, there are definitely female supremacist who live the lifestyle, but in my search, i was looking for something more.

This was not the first time i had come accross Mystress and Mystress World, i had been exposed to it many years ago and did not enter at that time. Maybe because of the time and place where i was at the time and most likely probably due to thinking that it was yet another one of those paid web sites and/or a scam based on the growing popularity of female domination. In the years that had passed, being contacted by Mystress herself, was clear evidence to me that this was truly something more. And because of where i was at this time and place, i feel i was truly ready to at least take that first step of faith and pursue it to find out more.

It was within 48 hours that i learned that my first step of faith was not going to be enough, that i was going to have to take a second step to continue. A couple of years ago, i would have turned and ran the other direction, but because of where i was at this time, ready to give up on believing, i decided that i had to proceed forward and to be honest, i think that it was one of the best decisions that i have ever made! Of course, at this time, i understand that it has only been 3 weeks since entering the Universe of Mystress World and that this is a very short time frame in which to pass judgement. My expectations though are that i will be there for a very long time and thus far, it is far more than i had ever wished for, had ever hoped for!

This blog, my blog, is about my experience in becoming a servant of the Universe of Mystress World and being trained to serve Mystress, the Domme Corps, and Ms. Artimis, the most beautiful Mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve. And it will be done under the supervision of Mystress and Ms. Artimis. And it is our/my hope that by presenting this blog to dominant women and submissive men that perhaps some of the early questions that you may have will be answered. This will be about my experience and i will share as much as i possible can with you and answer questions to the best of my ability in my role as a servant to the Universe of Mystress World. My purpose is to give you something that is real to judge if perhaps you might want to explore taking that first step yourself and knowing that it is not just another one of those sites if you are one who is truly seeking something more.

If you ask me questions, most of the stuff i will share will be of the general nature. If you have specific questions, than i will encourage you to write Mystress for an answer.
So, there you have it, my first post! I hope you enjoy it and i hope that we become good friends and that you truly look into the Universe of Mystress World. I know i am truly glad and grateful that i did and that i took that first step.